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17 glorious years of dedicated medical education at Asian Medical Institute has paved the way for the tremendous success that it has been witnessing today.

MBBS in Asian Medical Institute

17 glorious years of dedicated medical education at Asian Medical Institute has paved the way for the tremendous success that it has been witnessing today. Founded in 2004, Asian Medical Institute’s ranking has always been amongst the top ten medical institutes in the country and top twenty-five universities in Kyrgyzstan. A modern outlook along with conventional roots has made studying MBBS at Asian Medical Institute for Indian students an exciting and a preferable option. A whopping 2000 Indian students have already made Asian Institute their home and a total of 15000 students have become successful doctors from the university.

With three state-of-the-art and well-functioning campuses, Asian Medical Institute admission for 2024-25 could be considered because of the many recognitions that the university has to its credit, namely, the Medical Council of India and many more! We all know that medical students have to undergo a rigorous and defining MCI Screening test and all the students considering Asian Medical Institute, Kyrgyzstan, admission for 2024-25 will be trained thoroughly for the same right from their first year. To make matters more convenient, the university also goes on to allot specific Indian professors to Indian students so that the learning environment becomes more comfortable. Furthermore, all the students are compulsorily kept abreast with the current medical happenings and news in India and elsewhere. This well-rounded teaching approach along with an easy-to-understand English language as the primary mode of instruction makes studying MBBS at Asian Medical Institute a great opportunity.

Why Should You Study at Asian Medical Institute?

Doing an MBBS in Asian Medical Institute will provide you additional perks such as:

  • Asian Medical Institute fees are extremely affordable with merely ₹ 2.39 Lakhs per annum as the education cost.
  • Asian Medical Institute ranking is one of the best in Kyrgyzstan and the world with a supreme quality education.
  • Studying MBBS at Asian Medical Institute for Indian students is highly convenient because English is being used to communicate and teach.
  • Asian Medical Institute MBBS is recognized and acclaimed the world over with the likes of MCI approving it. Thus, you have an option of coming back to India and practicing as a doctor once your MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is over.
  • Pursuing an MBBS in Asian Medical Institute requires you to fulfil a least eligibility criterion increasing your chances of fulfilling your dream of doing your MBBS abroad. You don’t need to take the IELTS or the TOEFL.
  • Asian Institute has eight major hospitals under its ambit which it utilizes to teach students excellently with hands-on practical exposure.

Asian Medical Institute and The KANT City

One of the best things about opting for an MBBS in abroad is the fact that you get to experience a whole new culture that could potentially shape your life. Talking about the city of Kant in this regard, it is a beautiful town located in the Chuy valley, just 20 Kms away from the capital city of Bishkek. Having a historically rich legacy of over 80 years now, Kant was established in 1928. An administrative hub of the Ysik Ata district and a city as sweet as its name, Kant literally means ‘sugar’ in Kyrgyz. And that’s basically how the city got its name too, after a sugar plant that was built in 1930. One of the best institutes in Kant, Asian Institute naturally has the best weather and environment to study. The city sees a drastic change from sunny, dry summers to snowy, freezing winters from temperatures hovering between 17°F to 89°F.

Asian Medical Institute Address

Finally, if you have made your decision to join the campus, communicate to the following Asian Medical Institute address:

S. Tentishev Asian Medical Institute

58 Gagarina, Kant, Kyrgyzstan

Asian Medical Institute: Infrastructure And Facilities

Asian Medical Institute boasts of a thriving campus with digital classrooms, research and medical laboratories, a world class library, a modern auditorium, health and security facilities, etc. Apart from an international academic zone, it also has a gymnasium, a sports and recreation centre, a swimming pool, and a shopping complex along with luxurious hostels. The institute also hosts various competitions, festivals, excursions, etc. to enliven its student life. It has all the facilities for a comfortable living.

Asian Medical Institute, Kyrgyzstan World and Country Ranking 2024-25

The MBBS course in Kyrgyzstan is regularly updated after a thorough research. This consistent habit of changing and fine-tuning the syllabus every year has led to the Asian Medical Institute, Kyrgyzstan world ranking to increase every year.

Asian Medical Institute: Recognition and Accreditations

Studying MBBS abroad is a mighty affair. Not only do you need to think about the quality of education and training you will receive, but also the returns out of the same. To make your decision easy, we researched, and we found out that you should consider Asian Medical Institute admissions because it is accredited by organizations like:

Country Survey Rank World Rating
4 3 stars
  • The Medical Council of India (MCI)
  • The World Health Organization (WHO)
  • The Ministry of Education and Science, Kyrgyzstan

Asian Medical Institute - Photos

Admission in Asian Medical Institute : The Course Duration

Just like all the MBBS courses in Kyrgyzstan, The Institute follows a similar pattern. A 6-year MBBS along with a mandatory 1-year internship that is usually in the final year.

Asian Medical Institute: Important Dates and Timelines 2024-25

Studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is a dream of many. To realize that dream you may have to keep certain things in mind. Asian Medical Institute admission requirements are:

Commencement of the 2024 Admissions Cycle September 2024 & February 2025
Commencement of Application September 2024 & February 2025
Receipt of Call Letter Within 2 weeks of Application

Admission in Asian Medical Institute: Must Know Facts 2024-25

It is not difficult to follow through Asian Medical Institute admissions. You just need to remember certain highlights, they are:

Application Last Date September 2024 & February 2025
Basic Eligibility 50% in PCB
NEET Exam Not Required. However it will be needed in case the student wishes to pursue a profession in India
Total Course Fees (approx.) ₹ 2,39,000/- per year
Course Duration 6 years including internship
Medium of Education English Language
University Ranking Country Rank - 4
World Rating - 3 Star

Asian Medical Institute Fee Structure 2024

We understand that studying MBBS abroad is a hefty affair. But the Asian Medical Institute annual tuition fees are highly affordable to everyone. To help you better understand your investments and your returns, we split up the entire cost in detail for you. Asian Medical Institute Fees are:

Particulars Asian Medical Institute Fees
Asian Medical Institute Tuition Fees in USD (approx.) I Year - $3200
II Year to V Year - $3200 per year
Asian Medical Institute Tuition Fees in INR (approx.) I Year - ₹ 2,39,700,000
II Year to V Year - ₹ 2,39,700 per year
Hostel Fees (approx.) ₹ 56,000 per year
Total Course Fees ₹ 12,66,000 (approx.)


  • Here, $1 = ₹ 70
  • Apart from the Asian Medical Institute fees, the flight tickets, the food costs, and anything else required will add up extra and may vary from student to student.
  • Asian Medical Institute fees have to be paid annually.

Asian Medical Institute Hostel and Food Facilities

The Asian Medical Institute, Kyrgyzstan, hostel facilities are lavish and complete with all the necessary amenities for a more than comfortable stay at Asian Institute:

  • Studying MBBS at Asian Medical Institute is preferable because of separate hostels for both men and women along with round the clock safety.
  • Asian Medical Institute admission office has ensured that your learning stays as a top priority by providing a high-speed WIFI connection in each room which is shared on a three-person basis.
  • Indian students especially would feel at home at Asian Medical institute for MBBS because they have a special Indian mess for us inside the university campus.
  • Going for an MBBS in abroad is cumbersome also because of the many things you might have to do on your own. However, Asian Institute has assured you complete convenience with a well-functioning bus service from the hostels to all the connected hospitals along with an on-demand laundry service in your rooms.
  • For your complete rest and refreshment, Asian Institute has separate beds, pillows and quilts, bedsheets, furniture like wardrobes, tables, and chair for each student.

Asian Medical Institute : The Syllabus

The MBBS course at Asian Medical Institute is well-researched, up-to-date, and thorough. The year-wise subjects are:

First Year Second Year
Ophthalmology Physiology
Histology Analogy
Biochemistry Microbiology
Pharmacology Biochemistry
Anatomy Histology
Third Year Fourth-Sixth Year
Pathology Emergency Medicine
Path Physiology Internal Medicine
Pharmacology Oncology
Micro-Biology ENT
Subjects added for Medical Practice Gynaecology
Psychiatry Neurology
PSM General Surgery
Anaesthesia Psychology
Orthopaedics Cardiology
Radiology Paediatrics

Asian Medical Institute Admissions: The Documents Required

To benefit from the vast and successful medical education at Asian Medical Institute, you need to ensure that you have the following documents ready:

For Asian Medical Institute Admissions:

  • Online Application Form
  • Your Birth Certificate copy
  • Your latest colour passport photographs – 6 in Nos. and 6X4 cm. in size.
  • Your 10+2 qualification certificates both the original and the copy.
  • A min. 2-year validity international passport
  • Asian Institute invitation letter.
  • Your to-and-fro flight tickets
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs approved Medical Health Certificate for your mental soundness and physical fitness.

For Asian Institute Invitation Letter:

  • Online Application Form – Entirely Filled
  • A one-year validity Passport
  • Your school-leaving certificate which has the details of all your courses taken.

For the Student Visa process:

  • Online Application Form – Entirely Filled
  • Asian Medical Institute invitation letter
  • 10+2 certificates that are either duly approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or have an apostille stamp.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs approved Medical Health Certificate for your mental soundness and physical fitness.
  • Your two latest passport size photographs of size 3.5 X 4.5 cm

Asian Medical Institute Admissions: The Eligibility Criteria

While we understand doing an MBBS abroad comes with its own hassles, the Asian Medical Institute admission office has clear and simple instructions for eligibility. They are:

  • To be eligible to study MBBS in Asian Medical Institute, you need to complete your 10+2 with a minimum aggregate score of 50% for general category students and 40% for reserved category students in courses like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • Studying MBBS at Asian Medical Institute mandates you to be of at least 17 years of age or at most 25 years of age on or before the 31st of December of your admission year.
  • Asian Medical Institute for MBBS does not mandate you to take the NEET. However, it is needed if you wish to pursue a career in India

Asian Medical Institute : The Admission Process

Your dream of completing your MBBS in Asian Medical Institute will only come true if you go through the following steps of admission:

  • Step. 01

    Asian Medical Institute admission requirements begin with filling up and submitting the online application form along with all the documents
  • Step. 02

    After Asian Institute gets your completely filled form and documents, they send you an invitation letter if you are selected.
  • Step. 03

    As soon as you get the invitation letter, you need to pay the Asian Medical Institute tuition fees.
  • Step. 04

    You can then opt for studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan by applying for the Student Visa which requires your fees paid receipt.
  • Step. 05

    After the sixty-day long visa approval process, you are then free to decide your date of arrival at Asian Institute. The Kyrgyzstan Visa takes longer than any other neighbouring country, hence, it is advised to start your process as soon as possible.

Asian Medical Institute : The FMGE Performance

Asian Medical Institute world ranking always falls in the top 12000 colleges in the world. This is because of its consistent FMGE performance. The 2019 statistics look like:

Name of The University Students Appeared Total Students Passed Pass %
Asian Medical Institute 213 26 12.21%

The City of KANT And The Cost of Living

If you have decided to do your MBBS in Kyrgyzstan in 2024-25, you must be factoring out costs other than the Asian Medical Institute fees 2024-25. To help you in your decision, we studied the basic prices of everyday things in Kant and found out that you could easily cover yourself with as less as ₹ 5000 - ₹ 7000 per month, what with the Kyrgyzstan exchange rate being almost equivalent to the INR. However, please do note that we have covered only the basic cost of living that includes transportation, grocery and utilities, and food. We have not covered aspects like parties, treats, and leisurely spends.

Particulars Price in USD (approx.) Price in INR (approx.)/th>
Accommodation Costs (other than a hostel) 150-200 10,500-14000
Food Charges 80-90 5600-6300
Transportation Cost 10-12 700-840
Clothing 25-40 1700-2800
Other Expenses 70-75 4900-5300


  • Here, $1 = ₹ 70
  • The costs shown above are monthly, and may change from person to person according to changing requirements.

Asian Medical Institute Reviews

  • Paul Dsouza
    There are two things that are absolutely make or break when it comes to doing your studies in a foreign country – one is money and the other is returns. Returns in terms of education quality and success. These were key to me too, and that is why when I came to know the Asian Medical Institute world ranking, I was pleasantly surprised. Such consistent ranks meant that Asian Medical Institute continuously strived to outshine its past performance. Along with such low cost due to the Asian Medical Institute scholarship that I got, it all spelled growth to me.
  • Jyoti Verma
    I had been considering an MBBS in Kyrgyzstan in 2024 after the worldwide COVID-19 stimulated problems related to money mainly because of Asian Medical Institute’s low fees. Add to that the Asian Medical Institute world ranking of continuously being in the top 12000 colleges in the world, I knew I was in for a successful and inspiring medical journey.
  • Ashish Tripathi
    Being a doctor means committing your life to dedicated service towards people along with toiling really hard for more than ten years of education before even stepping in a clinic. Asian Medical Institute understood this rigour behind a doctor’s life and ensures that every aspirant gets access to world-class education mentored by professional experts who expose you to both the clinical and the theoretical side of things. This precision has led to the Asian Medical Institute world ranking to rise continuously.
  • Tanvi Malhotra
    I wanted the best of returns on the money that I would be investing for my higher education. I had worked hard to get to this point and Asian Institute not only recognized my potential but also provided me facilities like a well-resourced library, personal mentorship, convenient stay, research methodologies, and a growth-oriented environment. This, I believe, has been one of the major reasons behind the Asian Medical Institute world ranking touching the sky year-on-year.

Asian Medical Institute: Important FAQs

We know that no matter how much information you gather, you might still have some doubts in your mind. We tried our best to curate them and handpicked the most popular questions on the internet.

Do Indian students have access to the accommodation at the campus?

Yes, Asian Institute has opened its hostels to Indian students as well which are to be shared on a three-person basis. However, the city of Kant also has other apartments and stay options if you are open to consider.

What is the total number of Indian students studying in Kyrgyzstan?

About 10,000 Indian students are studying in Kyrgyzstan, not only in Asian Medical Institute but in other universities as well.

What are some of the disadvantages of studying MBBS at Asian Institute?

Asian Institute does not compromise on the quality of education for its students and you can be rest assured of that. However, as with moving to any other foreign country, Kyrgyzstan has Russian and Kyrgyz as the most commonly spoken languages and you might have to make yourself familiar with those. Apart from that, Kant is a tier-II city with not many modern ways of living. However, the cleanliness, the culture, and the learning environment is the best.

Is there an age limit for applying to Asian Medical Institute? What is it?

You need to be of at least seventeen years of age and at the most twenty-five years of age for getting an opportunity to study at Asian Medical Institute.

Does the college provide Indian food too?

Yes, Asian Medical Institute has a separate mess which serves only well-cooked Indian food.

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MBBS Course at Asian Medical Institute: The Medium of Teaching

Asian Medical Institute for MBBS teaches primarily in the English language. This makes it easier for students from across the globe to access the university’s excellent medical education.

Top 5 Hangout Spots in KANT

Mad Food

When you are low on budget but you still want to gorge on world class delicacies hop in Mad Food for some welcoming Asian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Singaporean, and Malay cuisines! Seafood is their hero.

Altyn Kazyna

We all crave luxury on most days and would love to be pampered with a top-notch brew and dinner. Altyn Kazyna is your go-to for a destressing luxe experience with your choicest kin.


A pleasing beige interior complete with cabanas at Dubrovskiy spell romantic privacy along with spell-binding European, Asian, Azerbaijani, and Middle Eastern flavours that will keep you hooked on to this incredible place.


We absolutely understand that you’d be missing home and nothing speaks Indian warmth more than its wholesome food. Welcome to Madina where you fill your tummy with home-like Indian food to spice up your student life.

Café Ken Bok Kun

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